about me

I am a lot of things, if you ask me to summarize myself, then I would say that I am a learning machine. During the day I am a hardware engineer but throughout the night I am shaping up the person I want to be. 

What kind of person I want to be? I desire to be a powerful and influential woman by sharing my passion for acquiring knowledge, my perception of artificial intelligence, and my struggles along the way. I do not only mean the power just inside my mind, but also the strength in me physically. I am an amateur gym-climber, a weight lifter, and enjoy yoga. 

Why am I doing this?

  • Because it gives me new meaning to fullfill my nature as an educator.
  • I wish to help women who have the same goal or see the same value of being powerful

Published by learningmachine

I am currently a hardware engineer at Facebook and an ex-Appler. I was a reputable scholar in nanotechnology, a former Physics Professor, IBM Watson Postdoctoral Researcher, Caltech Ph.D. with 7000+ citations.

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